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What is Pristine clear Aligner ?

Pristine Clear Aligner are most advanced orthodontic therapy consisting of a series of invisible , thermoplastic, removable plates called worn over teeth in which each plates makes a minor tooth movement and series of plates bring it to final position.
Our vision

Is to change the outlook of people towards orthodontic treatment with a team of experts certainly to change the way you smile.

Our mission

 Is to achieve the best and productive change to the patient. Thereby It offers painless straightening of the teeth which increases the confidence level of patient.

How Pristine Clear Aligner Works

How pristine works
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Who can wear clear aligner

If you have any orthodontic issue which we mentioned below, please contact us to talk with our experts .

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Spacing is an excess of available spaces, resulting in gaps between the teeth.

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Crowding is the lack of space for all the teeth to fit normally within the jaw.

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Inappropriate placing of upper teeth that fits behind lower teeth.

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When the upper front teeth protrude over the lower front teeth.

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Presence of space between upper and lower teeth.

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Condition of excessive over lapping upper teeth over lower teeth.

why pristine clear aligner ?

Pristine clear aligner use most modern intraoral scanner with highest precision of 7 microns and World leading 3D printing technology. We continuously update doing research and studies to improve the quality for providing best treatment results with comfort for the patients

Transformation Results

Take a look at our sample transformation results here..!

Transformation is our Recommendation

An invisible and highly aesthetic alternative to conventional metal braces


Benefit List


Not wearing a mouthful of clunky metal wires and brackets and enable you to retain that great smile while having orthodontic treatment hence invisible.


You can pop up your aligners out whenever you need therefore it is removable .

No food Restriction

Aligners enable you to eat all of your favourite food as a result more acceptable .

Easy oral hygiene maintanance

They make cleaning teeth easy as we can remove aligners while brushing.


Smooth borders and edges prevent lip ulceration in contrast with metal brackets. 

Less duration

As the Treatment is focusing a point where the malocclusion need to correct, the treatment duration is significantly less rather dental braces have long duration.

Few dental visit

No need monthly dental visit compared to metal braces.

Undisturbed occlusion

Does not disturb physiological occlusion in treating social 6’s


Clear Aligners

  • a series of a removable thin clear plastic trays which is used to straighten the teeth.

  • as it can be removed by the patient itself can eat anything any time.

  • the duration of invisible aligners varies from case to case, usually the treatment takes lesser time compared to braces treatment.

  • good oral hygiene can be maintained throughout the treatment.

  • due to smooth borders clear aligners does not cause lip ulcers.

  • custome made single piece design with no breakage.

  • 3D visuallization of results at the beginning of the treatment.

Conventional Braces

  • it is a stainless steel brackets and wires which used to straighten the teeth.

  • as it is fixed orthodontist instruct to avoid eating food that are too hard and chewy.

  • the duration of braces treatment takes more time compared to clear aligners.

  • good oral hygiene cannot be maintained throughout the treatment.

    Due to sharp borders braces cause lip ulcers.

  • complicated design with brackets and wires.

  • complete result can be seen only after the treatment.



Should wear aligner minimum 22 hours per day.

Remove aligner while having food

Remove aligner while having hot drinks like tea and coffee.

After brushing clean aligner using soft bristle brush and water.

Start to wear new set of aligner at night.

For proper seating of aligner use chewies.

For removing aligner from mouth use retriever.

It's recommended to remove aligner from inside ( palatal /lingual).

Nail filer helps to remove sharp edges from aligner if present.

Minor to moderate pain is quite normal and disappear in few days and reappear when change to new set of aligner.

Incase of broken or lost aligner try to change to next aligner if not fitting use previous one and immediately inform the doctor.


 In general, there is no specific upper age limit for pristine. You can be a candidate of pristine no matter your age. If someone is serious about improving your smile we encourage you to consider pristine.

Treatment duration will be as directed by your dentist. It may vary from case to case. On an average, each tray is to be worn for about 2 weeks. Each day 22 hours of wear time is required for desired results.

You can clean the aligners with your toothpaste and soft toothbrush twice a day. Remind to use a separate toothbrush for aligners.

You should avoid drinking anything that is very hot while wearing pristine because the temperature of hot water can cause the material to wrap.

The cost of an aligner varies from case to case. The various factors which control the prices of clear aligners are the type and complexity of the case and treating doctor.

The most important thing to do if you have lost your clear aligner trays is to call your dentist right away. Your doctor can get you a replacement tray or you can revert back to the aligners you did wear right before the ones you lost or you can use the next clear aligner trays that are next in line for your treatment.

When aligner attachments or buttons fall off, you must consult with your orthodontist and reattach it or get a new attachment to prevent interruption in treatment. You can prevent this from happening by strictly following all the bits of advice given by your orthodontist.

Aligner chewies can be used to help seat aligner The chewies help improve the fit of your pristine aligners. After placing the aligner inside the mouth bite down on chewies for several minutes. This repeated biting action helps your aligner to better conform to the shape of your teeth.

Yes, you will need to wear a retainer after clear aligner treatment. Even though clear aligner moves teeth differently from traditional metal braces, the result is still the same.

After completed the wearing of the final tray the results are verified. You need to start wearing a retainer. Retainers are necessary part of your treatment because they keep your teeth from going back to their previous position.

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It is normal to experience a very mild feeling of pressure in some teeth for a few days after straitening with a new tray. This may go away in a couple of days.

There are no restrictions in speaking while using pristine. You may experience a slight slip at the beginning which will disappear after a short period of time.