Our Story

About Us

Our Story

We are the first clear aligner in Calicut, North Kerala since then and we specialize in making teeth straightening treatment focus mainly to be cosmetic thereby improving patient appearance and improve their oral functions too. Pristine aligners have successfully completed a number of clinical trial cases before introducing it for our beloved patients and these have proven highly prosperous in correction of variety of cases. we started our clinical trial in 2010 and introduced only in 2014 after years of research and development

Our Mission

We are on a mission to straighten out your teeth in the most advanced and affordable way by increasing the confidence level of patients. We turn the insights into the most advanced way of orthodontic treatment by providing our patients comfortable and great fitting aligners which become virtually unnoticeable by other people

What makes us different, exceptional

Stepping back clear aligners due to price? Here we are, While others are price bound, we like to have everyone deserves a great smile

Since we are your neighbors, you can reach us we are natively available in your hometown our team is committed to you have a productive change to the patient

Our piety is to provide quality and world-class clear aligners for our native people hence started our venture at the capital of Malabar belt, comprises of large cosmopolitan community, the city which consumes all innovations the City is rated to be one of the largest mixed-use development projects in the country our Kozhikode its during summer of 2014 , we are first Choice of clear aligner in Calicut . Being pioneer members of clear aligners and also due to quality of treatment we got many inquiries from Kochi, the largest cosmopolitan community residing, the fashion hub of Kerala who is eager to go with the trend being the gateway of Kerala queen of the Arabian sea was already in our scope of vision from the research analyst panel of pristine high demand alert we started our certified Centre in Kochi in the very same year. Within a span of a year, we achieved a great number of smiles and from our customer feedback and also from our clinicians we were enthused with starting our enterprise in the capital city the IT capital of Kerala where youngsters are pursuing the career as well as their lifestyle make us go with the taste of our customers, we unbolt our Centre at Thiruvananthapuram

Our aim is to ensure the highest level of patient safety and professional satisfaction planned activities necessary to provide adequate confidence that a product or service will meet the given requirements. And we follow standardized guidelines and protocol from patient first meet to aligner delivery and thereafter

We provide both the patient and doctors with the 3D models prior to the treatment we will provide you video simulation of how you are smiling after treatment.We will provide the schedule calendar the timing of the Aligner change. And also we will provide the instructions video, clear aligner box for keeping your aligners while eating with aligner retriever for easy removal of aligners chewies for perfect fitting of Aligner

We are working with the most advanced 3D technology as well as our team is comprised of well-qualified experienced orthodontists who have been working in the field of Aligner for a decade