No fixed cost for your clear aligner treatment. It can be varied from one case to the other. Your clear aligners cost depends on trays are made from thin pieces of clear thermoplastic sheets, the material which is like a mix of rubber and plastic.  It’s actually what goes on behind the scenes that determine the cost of your treatment. We use the latest 3D technology to print the resin casts which represents the step-by-step treatment plan, the cast printing takes hours to complete. The resin used in 3D printing is the most expensive material. We use more resin to print your cast to which your aligner trays are fabricated.

next dent resin for ortho model

      Clear aligners aren’t just trays that fitted to your teeth, clear aligners are designed to move your teeth in a specific order to get corrected. It takes time, high-tech treatment planning software, and extensive expertise to move teeth into healthy alignment with clear braces.

Your aligners designed like;

  • Which teeth need to be moved.
  • How far the teeth have to be moved.
  • How fast and safely the teeth can be moved.
  • Which direction the teeth can be moved.

           When you get aligners, you are paying for more than a few pieces of plastic you are paying for the skills and knowledge that go into designing safe and effective orthodontic appliances.


There are two different types of clear braces available, they are termed in-office aligners and at-home aligners.


Invisalign, Pristine aligners, are in-office aligners

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      In-office aligners obtained by visiting your orthodontist for treatment. Monitoring more closely and properly than at-home clear aligner treatment. So proper treatment cost is much more. In in-office aligner treatment your orthodontist places attachments on your tooth surface which helps to move your tooth in a proper direction. Attachment plays an important role in the treatment. Attachment can only be placed by the orthodontist.

          For example:

                 The surface of your tooth is smooth so by only wearing aligner trays we can’t shift the tooth into the exact position in every case like eg; rotation, crossbite so, it’s important to place attachments on the tooth surface which can hold the aligner trays to the tooth surface tightly and shift the tooth.

attachment of aligners


Attachments or buttons are small white tooth-colored shapes attached to your teeth before or during clear aligner treatment. They are like handles, giving your aligners something to gently push on. Dental aligners fit smoothly and tightly around attachment so they are barely noticeable.


  An impression kit is ordered online and the impression is taking is by you and send to the lab. Your aligner trays will be delivered to you at home after processing. In-home aligner treatment the patient never sees the orthodontist. Which in turn may or may not decrease the cost of your clear aligners treatment.


  • The complexity of your case.
  • How long you are in treatment.
  • The provider you choose for treatment.

When choosing a clear aligner, remember; cheaper is not always better.

     It’s easy to think that because an aligner is just a thin piece of plastic, it shouldn’t matter where you get it. But when it comes to moving your teeth, you really do get what you pay for. If a higher price tag means that there’s a skilled orthodontist overseeing your care each step of the way, then it’s safe to assume that the opposite is true: cheap orthodontic treatment means less personalized care.

        The hands-off, at-home approach can work for some individuals with healthy mouths and very mild tooth alignment issues. That isn’t the case for everyone, however, and this method still has some inherent dangers.

    A Lack of Adequate Supervision During Cheap at-home Orthodontic Treatment can Increase your Risk of Complications such as:
  • A misaligned bite, despite having straight individual teeth.
  • Developing tooth decay over the course of your treatment.
  • Damage to tooth roots.
  • Loosened teeth.
        Here’s another important point to consider:

The most affordable clear aligner therapy might not include everything you need to get the results you want. Hence the cost of a clear aligner is not alone in determining your right to have quality treatment.

       You might need attachments, elastic bands, regular braces, or even surgery to bring all of your teeth into healthy alignment. These are not treatments that at-home clear aligner companies can provide you with.

        So while seeing a dentist or orthodontist for your treatment could be the more expensive option, it’s probably the best option for the health of your smile. And getting a clear aligner directly from a local provider may be more affordable than you think.

payment mode

        Because we are on a mission to provide a great smile all over Kerala. Some aligners may cost up to 600k because they are importing from other countries. They are burdening you with their courier charges and the labor charge which is paid in dollars which fuel up your treatment cost. But Pristine aligners are exclusively in Kerala and this makes Pristine more affordable and also we are flexible ranges from 25,000 , and varies with treatment you can also have EMI options.